The entire team at Revive Nutrition our delighted to announce our new, exclusive partnership with leading sports science organisation, Boxing Science.

The team at Boxing Science have created a state-of-the-art facility, reinforced with a strong online presence dedicated to training and research for peak physical performance within the sports of Boxing. This landmark deal will see Revive Nutrition supply our restaurant-quality meal prep to both the professional athletes and the coaching team at Boxing Science.

Boxing Science is comprised of a team of sport science practitioners with decades of combined experience working within the elite sport of boxing throughout all levels of performance.

The team at Boxing Science both conduct and publish their leading scientific research in strength and conditioning, physiology, nutrition, and psychology and with their unique insights into performance they can offer the best support to their incredible roster of athletes whilst offering the very best education and training programmes to combat athletes and coaches around the world!

Boxing Science boasts an impressive roster of both professional and amateur boxers including world champions such as Kell Brook, Jamie McDonnell, Billy Joe Saunders, Nicola Adams and Lerrone Richards, whilst developing future champions such as Anthony Fowler, Jordan Gill, and Kid Galahad. Allowing us at Revive Nutrition to further cement our position as the premier meal prep service for both professional athletes and the general public.

Following the agreement of this momentous partnership, the professional & amateur athletes at Boxing Science will now have access to the highest quality, nutritional meal planning comprised of the finest freshly prepared meals all devised and cooked by professional chefs. With over 30 meal choices to choose from, including vegan, vegetarian, and Keto, there are options for every athlete, regardless of their personal goals. Furthermore, with the inclusion of exact macro information on the packaging, both the athletes and trainers at Boxing Science can keep on track of their nutritional goals!

At its most basic level, nutrition is vital for athletes because it offers the source of energy required to perform the repeated strenuous activity involved in professional boxing. Of course, the food we eat impacts on our strength, training, performance, and recovery.

Suitable nutrition is a critical element to perform successfully at the pinnacle of professional sports, our partnership will provide the fuel each athlete needs to compete at their best in this physically demanding sport. Moreover, our partnership allows the full team at Boxing Science to focus on training and leave with the assurance that there will be a fresh, restaurant-quality, and nutritious meal, ready in as little as three minutes waiting for them.

To learn more about our partnership with Boxing Science, head on over to our social media channels and check out our progress! 

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