We’ve heard a few weird and wonderful food myths in our time and I’m sure some of us have wondered which outlandish tale was actually true well, you’re about to find out. Come along as we debunk some random food myths.

Coffee Stunts your growth

I think we’ve all heard at some point that drinking a lot of coffee will stunt your growth, as it turns out this isn’t actually true. Researchers have found that there is no relation to caffeine and halting a persons growth, even  so the affect is so small that drinking a glass of milk or water will offset any minor affect with your bodies ability to absorb calcium.

The culprit for this myth is mainly advertising, especially ones that claim coffee and the caffeine it contains is a ‘nerve killer’ and will damage your nerves and growth. Long story short this simply isn’t true so good news for coffee lovers! You can continue drinking that café au lait.

Sugar and chocolates are an aphrodisiac

Now, don’t get me wrong chocolates is a thing of joy and most people love to eat it. However, the legends that it’s an aphrodisiac aren’t actually true. Research has shown no evidence that chocolate ignites sexual desire in a person no matter how much we love the milk tray man commercial. So I’m afraid chocolates aren’t magic, just delicious but you knew that already!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Now, this phrase has been used for so long it’s become second nature to hear it and whilst apples contain lots of fibre and vitamin C and are very beneficial to our health, they don’t keep doctors away on their own. So unfortunately, unless you throw an apple at the doctor (which we don’t recommend) then you will still have to get your flu shot.

The 5 second rule

We’ve all done it or we’ve all at least definitely thought about it. The minute that piece of food you really wanted to eat drops the floor there will always be someone there to shout ‘5 second rule’. Unfortunately, I come baring bad news. Bacteria can infect food within milliseconds. Research shows that there is no ‘safe duration’ with which food is considered okay to eat once it has been dropped so that donut you dropped on the floor, I’m sorry to say but put it in the bin, or you can eat it…that’s entirely up to you we can turn the other way, you do you glen coco.

It takes 7 years for gum to digest

First of all we wouldn’t recommend swallowing gum to begin with but if you do it won’t take 7 years. Like most things your body will just digest it and send it out like normal. The only time swallowing chewing gum becomes and issue is when you also contain other things that you’re not supposed to this can cause a blockage in your intestines and lets be honest, nobody wants that. Our advice don’t swallow your gum and throw it away instead.

Eating carrots will help you see in the dark

We’ve all wanted to be a spy or a super hero and to be able to see in the dark would be kind of cool but alas, carrots do not give you superhuman eye sight we’re sorry to say. Whilst carrots are high in vitamin A which is good for your eyes and helps maintain their health, that’s still impressive but if you choose to eat many carrots you won’t become a new member of the marvel team, I’m afraid. Still eat your vegetables though, they’re good for you.

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