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Keto Meals @ Revive Nutrition

Introducing our new range of Keto meals. If you’re following a Keto or low-carb diet, these meals are perfect for you. Our Keto meals are designed to help stimulate weight loss whilst remaining nutritious, delicious, and like all Reive Nutrition meals, ready in just 3 minutes!

Want to know a little more about Keto diets? The Ketogenic diet is an eating plan that forces your body into ketosis, ketosis is a metabolic process that occurs when your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn energy. Instead, it burns fat, which the body uses for fuel. A primary benefit of the ketogenic diet is its ability to achieve rapid weight loss.

Restricting carbohydrates enough to be in a state of ketosis leads to both a significant reduction in body fat and an increase or retention of muscle mass. Many studies have now borne evidence that low-carb, ketogenic diets can achieve strong weight loss over extended periods of time.

Benefits of Ketosis

You’ve more than likely heard of the keto diet due to its weight loss benefits. And, whilst yes this is one of its key benefits, there are however a series of unlikely advantages resulted from employing the keto diet.

Keto has been shown to help improve short- and long-term cognition among people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease, aid treatment of epilepsy, to help manage type 2 diabetes. However, for the sake of this article, let’s draw back to the true reason we’re here. To discuss the keto diets weight loss benefits.

The Ketosis metabolic process encourages your body to first use up all its glycogen stores (the storage form of carbohydrate). Following that, with depleted glycogen, you’ll suddenly drop water weight. Whilst it can be motivating to see the number on the scale go down (often dramatically), do keep in mind that most of this is water loss initially. Continuing with the Keto diet can be an effective weight loss plan option over time. Although the keto diet for weight loss would be difficult to maintain. We suggest using keto on and off, to avoid stagnating results as studies show that weight loss results from being on a low-carb diet for more than 12 months tend to be the same as being on a normal, healthy diet.

Cons of a Keto Diet – It May Not Be for Everyone

As part of a Keto diet, you will be giving up whole grains, beans, fruits and many vegetables. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies and constipation due to a lack of fibre.

Keto is known to have some short-term side effects, not everyone will experience them but it’s good to be aware of the potential side effects. These include fatigue, headache, brain fog and upset stomach, aka “keto flu.”.

Due to its restricted nature, the Keto diet can be hard to stick to. With people undertaking a Keto diet often finding it difficult to keep up with it.

At Revive Nutrition, we are continually developing our menu. This means our chefs will be hard at work updating our menu and bringing out new and exciting Keto meals. Remember all our meals have exact macro information so it’s easy to keep on track with your nutritional goals.

Keto Menu

View our specific Keto meals below, these can be added to the basket directly from here or you can order them as part of the full menu by clicking the below link.

My gym currently uses these meals for our customers and everyone loves them. Once we’re open after lockdown can see the amount of people wanting these going through the roof

Lee (Muscle Fusion Gym)

Fantastic meals and great tasting. Highly recommend if you're wanting a healthy eating lifestyle. It’s so nice to be eating quality food that I can warm up within minutes and still be a healthy choice.


I really love the idea of Revive Nutrition. We have simple and easy access to high-quality food. It is something every person can benefit from.

Ben Churchfield (Sheffield Steelers)

What can I say about Revive Nutrition, great tasting, healthy and gives me all the macro info I need to help me with my nutrition plan. Great service!


I've tried a few different meal prep companies, this is by far the best. Fresh, healthy and loads of choice so you never get bored of the same meals.


Amazing tasting health food! You've got to try it.

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