This month, we’re going to be giving you helpful tips and tricks to stay healthy this snowy season.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Keep Exercising:

When it comes to exercising it can be hard to keep up the routine and go to the gym regularly, this can be especially hard in the wintertime with the added cold days and dark mornings. To help with this why not get yourself a workout buddy or start a new class that you love. By adding an incentive it helps make it slightly easier to get out of bed in the morning and keep up with our workout goals. A good way to start is by trying something like Pilates or yoga to ease into regular exercise or maybe a brisk walk is more up your street. Whatever the case we’ve come up with multiple ways for to get inspired this snowy season.

Make a plan:

Although it’s great to keep your exercise regime going, it’s also important to plan. With everyone booking festive events and filling up their schedule, it’s hard to keep track of everything and ensure your goals are reached. We recommend planning for the next couple of months do that you can track your progress and be able to train efficiently. Make sure not to over work yourself, remember the festive season should still be fun!

Stay Hydrated:

There’s the famous statistic that your body is made of 70% water. Water can be lost through exercising as well as everyday activities. With the bonus of wearing more layers, staying hydrated can become less of a priority. Make sure to keep filling up your water bottle and sipping it when you can. If you’re not a fan of water and prefer something with a little bit of flavour, why not add a zero-sugar cordial to your daily water to make drinking water a little more enjoyable.

Eat healthy foods and vitamins:

We know December is the time to indulge for some people therefore it’s important to try and incorporate some healthier foods in between the celebrations. Revive Nutrition have a wide range of restaurant quality meals and are available for delivery nationwide. These meals have exact macro information and are available in different sizes. Click here to find out more.

Another thing that ensures health during winter is having different vitamins, whether this is a multi-vitamin or a specific supplement, some good ones to look into are iron, vitamin c and vitamin d. All these vitamins help maintain a normal immune system and can help reduce tiredness so there are perfect for winter and exercising.

Make sure to stay warm:

Wrap up this winter! It’s important to try and stay warm this winter, add extra layers including gloves, jumpers, scarves, and hats. Another way to try and stay warm is by drinking lots a hot drink, in order to save energy, you can make a large flask in the morning which will stay warm throughout the day slowing you to boil the kettle less and save money on your energy bill!

Keep an eye out for our future tips and tricks throughout December from health and fitness to debunking food myths and the wonderful world of meal prep! To find out more about Revive Nutrition or to browse our menu, click here.

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