Meal prep is the perfect way to eat healthy nutritious meals without the hassle. Have you always wanted to eat delicious meals but don’t have the time? Then meal prep is the perfect option for you to try!

With Revive Nutrition, meals are made to be quick and simple but without sacrificing any of the flavour or quality. We offer a wide range of different options from noodles to curries, we also offer many vegan, vegetarian and keto meals so there are options for everyone. Wanting to alter your meals? That’s no problem, we can tailor your meals to meet your dietary goals, from allergies, high protein to low fat, we can offer a diverse range of options for you to create the perfect set of meals.

Our meal prep plans are completely flexible, with zero commitment! For those looking to use our meal prep service on a long-term basis, we will also soon be introducing a subscription package, although more to come on that soon!

How does it work?

It’s simple, head on over to our website and browse our 30+ range of meals that on offer. Add your meals to the basket and head on over to shipping. We then freshly prepare your meals and package them ready to send straight to your door. We deliver twice a week on Tuesday’s and Fridays to ensure maximum freshness.

Will it be fresh and healthy?  What do our meals contain?

All our meals are made with restaurant quality produce that our highly talented chef freshly preps, cooks, and packages for maximum flavour and nutrition all to provide you with the ability of healthy eating.

We like to ensure that our meals are perfectly balanced and as healthy as possible whilst also giving you a taste sensation. Each meal has been specifically calculated to ensure all the macros are accurate so whether you’re training, losing, or gaining weight or if you just want a wholesome meal.

Meaning you can find healthy meal choices to tantalise your taste buds, whilst also enjoying the convenience of selecting varied meals from a range of global cuisines.

What makes Revive special/nutritious?

We ensure to provide you with all the macro details you may need to keep a well – balanced diet and fitness regime. We aim to include the precise amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories so you can make sure that you’re sticking to accurate grams of quality meals made with the freshest products.

What kind of meals do you offer?

With our new menu launching in February, we have a fresh selection of meals to tingle your taste buds. We will soon be launching breakfast which means protein pancakes in three yummy flavours, plus our chef has created some amazing fake-away meals so you can enjoy the fun of fast food but with none of the nasty bits, just careful cooking that’s ready in 3 minutes.

Complete convenience

We understand that people want to be happy and healthy and becoming healthier can take time, maybe time that you don’t have to spare. By ordering Revive meals you save on time and money plus, with our nationwide delivery our meals are delivered direct to your door and can be ready in as little as 3 minutes, perfect for those midweek rushes and tired lazy evenings.

Therefore, meal prep is the perfect option so that you can start your health journey but ensure that everything is nutritious. No hassle, no worries.

Order today and try Revive Nutrition meals yourself! We deliver nationwide, on Tuesdays and Fridays so use code Welcome25 for 25% off your first order and get a special surprise for your second order!

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