With restrictions easing up and the roadmap out of lockdown allowing business owners to finally able to re-open their gyms, many customers are now scrambling to start exercising and eating clean again after an extended period of inactivity. Whilst gyms and personal trainers are sure to be busy again due to the restrictions creating an unparalleled demand for their services, customers can often forget that nutrition is the most important aspect to a healthy balanced lifestyle. We often find many of our customers, find it difficult to maintain a clean eating diet with the busy lifestyles they lead, they often find there is an overwhelming temptation to grab a pizza on the way home rather than cooking something fresh.  Meal prep is by far the safest bet for these customers to remain strict on their diet. Although, it begs the question, in an already busy schedule, where do these customers find the time to prepare and cook endless boxes of meal prep with chicken together. 

Many companies offer meal prep services nowadays, although their often overpriced and still rely on the fact the customer will be sat stagnating in the house on a Wednesday afternoon to wait for their meal prep delivery. At Revive Nutrition, we operate differently. Yes, of course, you can have your fresh customised meals delivered to your door at a time of your choosing or, alternatively, pick a meal, (or a handful) up at your gym or from your personal trainer following your workout, ready to be heated up in as little as three minutes and enjoyed at home.

At Revive Nutrition, we offer our meal prep services on a white-label basis to gyms and personal trainers. We currently provide this service to some of the leading gyms within the South Yorkshire region as well as a whole host of personal trainers. We have also recently secured DPD national delivery, therefore, we will be now able to offer our fresh meal prep service to gyms and personal trainers nationwide.

We are currently looking to expand our white-label meal prep service offering. From a white label perspective, this is an ideal opportunity for both gyms and personal trainers alike. Offering a meal prep service under your own brand name not only reinforces the brand identity and offering, but it also gives your customers the most well-rounded experience. It gives personal trainers the opportunity to offer an all-round service, with a personalised meal plan and macro nutritional information alongside. We offer over 50 healthy fresh meals and due to the menu’s diversity, individual meal groupings can be offered to help reach every unique fitness goal, whether that be, slimming down, bulking up or simply just maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

As previously mentioned, we offer a massively diverse range of fresh nutritious meals to tend to every particular tastebud and fitness goal. This is ideal for personal trainers who have a range of clients, all with very particular needs. Say for example your client is looking to put on mass, we can offer our larger meal prep range, which average out at roughly around 650 calories per serving with meals such as beef brisket, sweet potato, green bean and sesame. Alternatively, say for example, your client is trying to lose a few pounds and get lean, they could try our any one of our meal prep with chicken range. For instance, they could try our chicken biryani or perhaps our, Lemon chicken and Thai noodles, the list of fresh delicious meal prep options go on and on.

Well, what are you waiting for…? Interested in in stocking our fresh nutritious meals in your gym under your own branding, get in touch!

Don’t believe us, hear what some of our current clients have to say.

Joe – Personal Trainer – Sheffield:

“What can I say about Revive Nutrition, great tasting, healthy and gives me all the macro info I need to help me with my clients nutrition plans. Great service!

Lee – Gym owner – Rotherham

“My gym currently uses Revive Nutrition’s meals for our customers, and everyone loves them. Since re-opening, the need for these has gone through the roof!

Check out the menu on our website, speak to one of our friendly team or drop us an email to see how Revive Nutrition can propel your gym service to the next level.



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