With its food, fireworks and acrobatic parades, Chinese New Year could be the post-Covid celebration we all need! Celebration’s take place across the globe with over 2 billion people celebrating the holiday worldwide, with a large proportion of those being in the U.K.

Each day of the festival sees a variety of food & drinks consumed, with traditional items such as dumplings, spring rolls and a variety of noodles being the most popular.

Whether you’re not able to make it out for the celebrations or would just love to experience the culture, Revive Nutrition can bring a little slice of the lunar holiday to you, with our Chinese inspired range of dishes!

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer…

Hubei Noodles

Our take on one of the most prolific dishes in Hubei province, or even China for that matter, at home this delicacy is known simply as Hot & Dry Noodles.

We’ve created our own interpretation of the classic Chinese dish which combines 24-hour Braised Beef Brisket with Pak Choi, Sesame oil, Peanuts & fresh Chilli tossed together with Egg Noodles! Flavourful and comforting, this delicious dish is perfect for the colder months!

Hoisin Chicken

We’ve championed Hoisin sauce in this dish, a staple ingredient from southern Chinese cuisine, famed for its Unami flavour. We’ve taken the fragrant & flavourful Cantonese sauce and cooked it down with tender chunks of chicken. Due to its richness, we’ve paired the chicken with a fresh & vibrant side of scallion, cucumber & broccoli rice. This dish is perfect to satisfy those weekend takeaway cravings!

Hoisin shredded Seitan (V)

Seitan is extremely popular across China and makes a great high protein alternative to traditional meat dishes. This plant-based protein use has been documented in China since the 6th century, it has an amazing ability to absorb flavour and as such the marination of the hoisin in this dish makes it extremely flavoursome!

So, celebrate the Year of the Tiger with Revive Nutrition! We’ve got a delicious range of fresh, healthy alternatives to both classic Chinese delicacies and many of the nation’s favourite takeaways! Safe to say the new year is looking… delicious! Xīnnián hǎo!

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