Modern consumer culture is based around speed, we’re all guilty of craving convenience and instant gratification.

From fast fashion to fast cars, fast-tracking & same-day delivery, we’re always looking for ways to get what we want as soon as possible. 

Convenience culture is none more prevalent when it comes to what we eat. Fast food culture was for decades initially reserved to typically unhealthy food, nowadays we have much more choice!

Generally, we associate fast food with processed food.  Those guilty pleasures that taste great but can often hinder our progress to a healthy lifestyle.  However, in the spirit of health and development, there is now an almost endless number of convenience options when it comes to healthy eating.

The meal prep food market now includes everything from vegan to veggie, meat to fish, salads to sushi.

But how do you navigate the meal prep market and know what’s right for you?

With this in mind here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the meal prep food market, helping you to make better choices for your mental and physical wellbeing.


Setting attainable goals should be your first objective. When deciding which meal prep provider is for you, goals are essential.  Do you want to drop body fat, maintain your physique, add muscle or something else? Setting a realistic goal will allow you make logical decisions and help plan your week, meals, and exercise routine with more detail.  

Remember, whether you’re in calorie deficit, calorie surplus or balanced calories over time is the key to weight loss, gain or maintenance.

Why is this important to know? 

It allows you to tailor your diet around your personal goals!


One of the most common obstacles to a healthy lifestyle is… “I don’t have time.”

Something we all battle with daily. And to be honest, we understand. That’s where a healthy convenient, meal prep service comes into its own!

Allowing you the freedom to automatically be saving time when it comes to making the right decisions when it comes to food. Your body will thank you later!  


Understanding what your plate or meal prep is made up of will serve you well when it comes to making the right choices for your daily routine.  Improving your understanding of nutrition and knowing what is on your plate and how it can contribute to, or hinder your progress to better health, should be of utmost importance. This way, no matter your personal goals, you know how that particular meal fits into your weekly progress.


At Revive Nutrition, of course, we may be a little biased!

But we genuinely believe that our meal prep, prepared by professional chefs, is the ultimate in healthy lifestyle convenience.

Do you want a delicious choice of restaurant-quality meals?  Revive Nutrition Meal Prep provides it!

Do you want a tailored meal plan to suit your personal goals? Revive Nutrition Meal Prep provides it!

Want it delivered to your door, nationwide? Revive Nutrition Meal Prep provides it!

Do you need good quality vegetarian, vegan choices, or keto choices without the confusion? You guessed it; Revive Nutrition Meal prep can provide!

So, as you can see, convenient food doesn’t have to be processed or tasteless.  But to really change our lifestyle for the better, we must consider a few things.

We must understand our personal goals.  What do you want to achieve?  Next is our environment.  Where do you spend most of your time? And is it always possible to eat healthily given your location and lifestyle.

We then need to them understand the food on our plate.  What roles to protein, carbohydrates, and fats play in attaining our personal goals, ultimately leading to the improvement of physical and mental health?  Knowing this can dramatically improve all aspects of your life, from focussing on work, to invigorating a newfound passion and enjoying the fruits of your newfound health.

With a few simple considerations mixed with a little education, you can eat fast, eat well, and live a healthy life!

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