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At Revive Nutrition, we’re always hungry to work with like-minded, passionate people and offer fantastic rewards to brand partners. Brand ambassadors are invited to promote the Revive Nutrition brand, products and upcoming news in exchange for monetary rewards with a personal discount code.

This 10% discount can be used against any of our meal plans by any customers generated. Furthermore, brand ambassadors will also receive 10% of the revenue achieved from the use of their personal discount code.

The Brand Ambassador pack is available to view by clicking the below link, this outlines the terms & conditions of the programme. Please ensure you have read the Brand Ambassador pack carefully before continuing with this form.

Brand Ambassador Sign Up Form

Once you have read the Brand Ambassador pack, please complete the following form.

My gym currently uses these meals for our customers and everyone loves them. Once we’re open after lockdown can see the amount of people wanting these going through the roof

Lee (Muscle Fusion Gym)

Fantastic meals and great tasting. Highly recommend if you're wanting a healthy eating lifestyle. It’s so nice to be eating quality food that I can warm up within minutes and still be a healthy choice.


I really love the idea of Revive Nutrition. We have simple and easy access to high-quality food. It is something every person can benefit from.

Ben Churchfield (Sheffield Steelers)

What can I say about Revive Nutrition, great tasting, healthy and gives me all the macro info I need to help me with my nutrition plan. Great service!


I've tried a few different meal prep companies, this is by far the best. Fresh, healthy and loads of choice so you never get bored of the same meals.


Amazing tasting health food! You've got to try it.

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