Revive Nutrition are delighted to announce our partnership with Sheffield Steelers to supply restaurant quality, nutritious meals both throughout their participation in the elite ice hockey league and continued into the future.

With the offering of this service, the players will have access to the finest freshly prepared meals all devised by culinary chefs, who can offer the highest quality, nutritional meal planning for the full team. Suitable nutrition and meal prep are critical elements that help each athlete compete in this physically demanding sport. Our partnership allows the full Sheffield Steelers team to focus on training and leave with the assurance that when they return from training, there will be a fresh, restaurant quality and nutritious meal, ready in as little as three minutes waiting for them.

At its most basic level, nutrition is vital for athletes because it offers a source of energy required to perform the strenuous activity. Of course, the food we eat impacts on our strength, training, performance and recovery.  Not only is it import to eat the correct type of food for sports nutrition but additionally, the allotted times we eat throughout the day also has an impact on our performance levels and our body’s ability to recover after exercising. This reinforces the benefits of a meal prep service, as the ease and accessibility of three nutritional meals a day is always on hand.  

Here’s what the Sheffield Steeler’s team had to say about Revive Nutrition’s Meal Prep Service: “I really love the idea of Revive Nutrition. We have simple and easy access to high quality food. It is something everyone can benefit from” Ben Churchfield – Sheffield Steelers Goalkeeper.

“The food has been of excellent quality so far; we can’t wait to try more options!” Aaron Fox – Sheffield Steelers Head Coach.

Furthermore, whilst providing our meal prep services, we are also proudly sponsoring Sheffield Steelers throughout their current participation in the official Elite Ice Hockey League. Sheffield Steelers currently reside in 1st position, 4 points clear of the runners up Coventry Blaze. It is all to play for with 5 more games left in the season. Check out the Steelers website for more details regarding their current league progress:

Whether you are a professional athlete, a budding gym goer or just looking to lose a few pounds, Revive Nutrition has got you covered. We can offer our tailored meal prep service to suit both your personal taste preferences and desired physical goals.

To learn more our partnership with Sheffield Steelers and the meals we offer, head on over to our Instagram and Facebook channels to see the results for yourself. We are happy to provide our meal prep services nationwide to individual athletes, sports teams and individual customers alike.

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