5 Meal Taster Packs

One Time Special Offer 5 Meal Taster Pack for only £8

Want to try our restaurant-quality meals before committing to a normal order? Simply order your 5 meal taster pack from the below options and we’ll deliver your sample pack fresh to your door. After you’ve had your meals you can then choose to continue to order from our full menu.

What’s not to love? Healthy eating has never tasted so good!

Limit to one taster pack per customer.

My gym currently uses these meals for our customers and everyone loves them. Once we’re open after lockdown can see the amount of people wanting these going through the roof

Lee (Muscle Fusion Gym)

Fantastic meals and great tasting. Highly recommend if you're wanting a healthy eating lifestyle. It’s so nice to be eating quality food that I can warm up within minutes and still be a healthy choice.


I really love the idea of Revive Nutrition. We have simple and easy access to high-quality food. It is something every person can benefit from.

Ben Churchfield (Sheffield Steelers)

What can I say about Revive Nutrition, great tasting, healthy and gives me all the macro info I need to help me with my nutrition plan. Great service!


I've tried a few different meal prep companies, this is by far the best. Fresh, healthy and loads of choice so you never get bored of the same meals.


Amazing tasting health food! You've got to try it.

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